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At best, you’ll see a familiar Instagram wallpaper on your screen with the profile name you provid, and despite the promise of a free view, you’ll be prompt to fill out a form that requires a crit card or other payment. We also notic that some sites are link to each other, and in the process, their names are display one after another. We do not recommend that you use any of these services, much less pay money to them. If you’ve tri adding someone on Instagram with a friendly message and still haven’t receiv a response, there’s one more option left. How else can you see a photo in a private profile This is not an easy task, but you can look at some of the publications in an alternative way. Join one of the friends of the person whose life interests you so much. Then look at your mutual friend’s activities and find a user who cares about you in the list of posts he likes. Friends actions If you’re lucky, you might be able to view some messages this way. Another way is to explore other social networks. Perhaps there are photos from Instagram and access to them is not limit. You are unlikely to succe, but if the goal is worth the time, try this path. How to see a clos account on Instagram It is theoretically possible to view a personal profile on Instagram. The option with an approv subscription, of course, does not make sense to consider. After all, if you are friends with a person and submitt an application to him as a subscriber, he will confirm it and you will not have problems. If you’re new to this person or don’t know you at all, try applying again in a couple of days. Because if you’re reject, you won’t be notifi, and there’s no way to know if you’ve actually been reject, or if the recipient just lost the offer. The most effective way is to write a private message. Introduce yourself and write why you want to add this person as a friend. Most people respond quite adequately to such requests and you can get what you want. How to view a private profile on Instagram If your membership is substantially deni, ask a friend to do it for you. Through third party accounts that are among your target’s friends, you can view the contents of the account freely. Creating a second page might be a good option. Make it as detail and as lively and attractive as possible. If your target bites and registers, you will have full access to all posts and messages. There is incorrect information that you can view your Instagram profile photo by following one of its active followers. In a normal situation, you can see the various activities of your friends in the fe. Among them are attach photographs and written comments. That is, unless one of your friends is ignoring messages from the account you’re interest in, it might seem like you should be seeing them in your fe as well. But in fact, everything is a little different. Activity in messages about clos accounts does not appear in the fe at all, so this is not an option. Checking a person’s accounts on other social networks is much easier. It is very likely that not all of them are clos. This way you can extract some of the photos and messages. Rate the article Ideas for stories on Instagram how to make a story AUTHOR fast v prodigi READING min VIEWS PUBLISH. Content Ideas for Instagram Stories For personal account Survey examples what questions to ask subscribers? Personal blog Commercial account How to view results? Instructions on how to create an Instagram poll Stories Alternative Poll Posts How to make a poll in a story steps Questions and tests How to delete a poll on Instagram Where to see the results of the complet survey Questions from the series I never. Ask me a question feature on Instagram How to make a poll in stories on Instagram? Business Questions on Instagram The Benefits of Surveys for Profile Development What to ask about your profile Instagram poll options How to change items in an Instagram poll How to make a survey effective Interesting ideas for stories on Instagram Questions in stickers Poll Stickers Sticker slider Templates and layouts How to Create an Instagram Stories Quiz For friends With numbers Funny questions for everyone Ideas for Instagram Stories What you post or write in Stories depends on the page you’re promoting a personal blog or a business account. At the same time, if you are already actively using Stories and want to significantly increase your reach and increase engagement, you should analyze your Instagram account first to understand the quality of your followers and know who is watching and liking who you can already influence participation. For example, you can remove junk and bots through the InstaHero service. You can create multiple stories for women if you have multiple stories on your account. You can create stories at a time when your followers are more online, there are many opportunities and you ne to use everything. For personal account. One day in seconds. Capture interesting moments from your life and show your followers how the day went. You can it a story from photos and short videos and mark it day in seconds. Stories A day in seconds. Assistance in selection surveys. Ask subscribers to help choose clothes, an interesting book or movie. They will be happy to participate in your life. In such stories, you ne to add a “Yes No” button. You can also create polls in Stories, such as asking what followers like best yoga or jogging in the morning. Help for story selection polls. Before after. Do you have a new hairstyle? Have you lost kg? Have you finally tidi up your room? It shows how it was before and after the changes. Stories Before After. Location. People are interest in knowing what places you visit. Add geolocation and show travel stories, business trips, meetings with friends. Position. Fun content. Jokes, viral videos and other funny content always attract attention. But do not take photos and videos from the Internet subscribers are more interest in watching stories with your participation. Interesting content in stories. Boomerang and rewind. The Boomerang feature allows you to post stories in a loop. And with the help of rewind, you can make funny videos in which, for example, you walk backwards. Turn this format into a game sing a song and rewind. Let the subscribers guess what song it is. Series with a character. If you have a lot of time and want to be creative, you can come up with a series with a character and show it in a story. For example, a sock walks around the apartment or potatoes run away from the kitchen. Series with story character. Life tricks. Have you just learn how to play the guitar with your feet? Could you stay awake for three days? Did you make a frying pan that you forgot in the kitchen a week ago? Please tell us how you did it People love life’s tricks. You can also post master classes, lectures, tips on any topic. Life hack in Instagram Stories. Emoji slider. Stories have an interactive sticker an emoji slider. This allows subscribers to answer questions by dragging and dropping emoji. So subscribers can share their feelings and emotions with you without words. You can ask how good the new movie is, what mood your friends are in and whether they like your new photo. Story ideas with the emoji slider Question answer. The stories have Questions stickers. Convenient because you don’t have to come up with new topics yourself. Just get questions from subscribers, choose the most interesting ones and answer them in the next videos. Q&A on Instagram Stories. Quiz Create a multiple choice question up to four. If the subscriber guess the correct answer, he will see fireworks. Otherwise, the wrong answer will be highlight in r and the correct one in green. Voting results will be display in the history settings. Complete history quizzes This feature can be us for a commercial account, for example, to give a discount or cash reward to someone who answers a question correctly. Use a new way to create stories. Several new features Instagram Cubes feature show a random post you shar on the same day in the past GIF function allows you to create a background in the story in the form of a GIF generation of random surveys, quizzes and questions. Republish the new publication. When you have a new post, share it on Stories to increase engagement. In the story itself, add additional elements or write a short ad. Republish your new post in Story The call begins. With the Challenge sticker, you can challenge your friends or followers. To do this, write a story in which you repeat simple movements or perform some tricks. Instagram Challenge Sticker Tasks have already proven their worth on TikTok, now it’s Instagram’s turn. Survey examples what questions to ask subscribers? In the previous section, we look at survey ideas. But there were general descriptions. Let’s move on to examples we will show what questions to ask subscribers. First in a personal blog, then in a business account. Use these options for inspiration. They will tell you in which direction to move when writing questions. Personal blog Questions to ask your audience on your blog personal account What movie to watch tonight? What costume to wear to a party? Do you like blog content? What do you prefer books or TV shows? Do you have a tattoo? He can swim? Who is cooler Batman or Iron Man? Do you like going to the cinema? What is the best way to spend the evening with a book in hand or with friends at a disco? Taxi or public transport? Tell us about yourself what interests you what books do you read? Commercial account Questions from the audience in a business account Do you like our new product? Do you want to know how I lost kg in months? Do you like the new company logo? Would you like us to raffle off our products? What is missing in our online store? How many times a week do you visit our site? Waiting for weekend discounts? How to view results? The survey lasts hours. The publish story will then be archiv. Viewing the poll results is easy. Open stories with questions and swipe up. The statistics history will open click on the eye icon. Here are the voting results how many people vot for a particular answer, as well as reports of people who took part in the vote. Instagram poll results Looking at the voting results You can share the results of the survey just click the blue button. Important Users cannot participate in the survey anonymously. The creator of the quiz or test will see who answer the questions. Instructions on how to create an Instagram poll And now a little instruction. The developers make the interface of the Instagram app for Android and iOS as standard as possible so that there are no difficulties when switching between operating systems. In the same way, polls are conduct on them on Instagram. The algorithm of actions is as follows Click on your avatar in the story list to start creating. Choose a photo or video. Of course, you can also remove this. Click on the smiley square at the top of the screen. Select the Poll sticker. Let’s write down some questions that you can answer Yes or No. Or we press the buttons and change their text. After Click the check mark in the upper right corner. Let’s finish the story. Stories Alternative Poll Posts If you don’t want to create a poll through Stories, create a dicat post poll. This is a regular post with a question to the public. All answers will be in the comments. The main advantage of such surveys is an unlimit number of responses. A person can leave several detail answers at the same time. This is useful for business people can write a comprehensive story about brand awareness, product and service reviews. There is a second option for creating messages for polls. In the text of the publication, offer subscribers three or four answers. In the last paragraph, ask the audience to write a number with the answer. How to make a poll in a story steps Usually polls are conduct in stories there are special tools for creating such content. We will teach you how to conduct surveys in steps. The first step is to start creating a new story. Select an image or photo for the background. If this is a thematic review, find a suitable picture. For example, in the store you can not choose jeans. So, let’s choose a photo of clothes as a background. Second step click on the emoji sticker it’s at the top of the screen. Create an Instagram Poll Add new sticker to stories Select the Browse tool. Choose a sticker for the poll in stories Poll sticker Step three ask a question write any text. For example Do you like the content of our profile? Click Done in the top right corner. Membership Application Survey text The poll will appear on the main screen move it to any part of the background. But it is better if the sticker is in the center there it is more noticeable. Step four publish your story. Subscribers will now be able to complete the survey. Questions and tests Among the stickers in the stories, there are two more interesting tools questions and a test. Let’s see what these stickers are for Requests. You can ask subscribers any questions in the stories. For example How can I help you promote your Instagram account? Subscribers will be able to write their answer directly in their stories questions on instagram Application for viewers When creating a sticker, you can change the color of the poll from standard white to black, blue, green, orange, etc. Test Suitable for tests and quizzes. Here you have to ask a question and add multiple answer options. For example Guess my favorite TV show. Quiz on Instagram Test example And the answers are Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Check the box next to the correct answer it will be highlight in green. How to delete a poll on Instagram If you change your mind about asking users something, you can remove the sticker. To do this, long press on it and drag it to the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen. Yes, it’s that simple. But deleting after publication can be difficult. So be careful when creating your story. Where to see the results of the complet survey Of course, interesting polls on Instagram are not ne for beauty. We can see the results in the statistics. If you don’t know how to open it, do the following Click on your avatar in the list of stories. Click the number of views. That’s all, at the top there will be general statistics, that is, the number of those who answer Yes and No or any other option that you wrote. And below is a more detail list with nicknames and answers to them. Questions from the series I never. A good choice for the topic of your quiz questions might be the Never been multiple choice question form. It will add brightness and positivity to your Instagram account. Ideas for the Never seen quiz broken bones I tri to cut my hair I dy my hair crazy Stuck in an elevator act on television or participat in a radio show I ate the whole pizza by myself I ate food from the basket Ate the food that lay on the floor he was arrest I didn’t sleep all day and others. Ask me a question feature on Instagram More recently, insta Stories has add another interesting feature a sticker that allows subscribers to ask the author of the story a question right on the spot, through the story. The new sticker is an extend version of the polls we talk about above. The difference is that polls offer two answer options, but the question sticker allows you to answer more broadly or ask the author questions that can be answer with a single click in subsequent articles. How to make a sticker with the ability to ask questions How to make a poll in stories on Instagram? Let’s start with a specific algorithm of actions. The application interface is simple and clear, working with it is unlikely to cause you any questions. But I will continue to give instructions. Open the application, go to the tab with the house. Here we ne a button in the fe with stories. It has a blue ge around it Click here. The interface for creating a publication will open. Normal mode means that you immiately take a picture. If you wish, you can click on the button with the gallery it is locat on the left, in accordance with the mode selection pmj GFJFH. You’ve select an image, then a small one swipe up to open attachment options. Choose a type here. We insert the text of the question and, possibly, the answer options. Click on the sticker to close the iting window. That’s all, we publish the receiv story, get user feback and rejoice at the growth of activity. Business Questions on Instagram For many of us, Instagram is first and foremost a business. Therefore, questions for a business quiz might be When did I start my company? What will my next product be? How many people have already bought my product? When will we launch our new product? The color of our novelty will be… Our favorite product is. How many products were creat this month year ? What is our most popular product and others. Instagram job application The Benefits of Surveys for Profile Development Before understanding how to create questionnaires, it is important to understand how useful they are for promotion. Such content has several positive consequences. More vari content. Constant photos and videos in the stories do not surprise anyone. But by asking a question, you can arouse additional interest among subscribers. Get closer to the audience. Interesting polls on Instagram will help you find out the opinion of followers on hot topics, understand who is reading you. Motivation for action. By asking the right questions, you can lead users to the desir conclusion. And if everything is done correctly, a person will not even notice. What to ask about your profile Your activity on this social network can be a good topic for poll questions on Instagram. For example, these could be questions like How long have they been on Instagram? How long am I on Instagram every day? My favorite author on Instagram. Guess what the next photo I post on Instagram will be about My favorite thing about Instagram is. Instagram poll options Instagram poll questions can cover many topics that you want to talk to your users about. For example, these may be questions directly relat to your personality I was born in. How old am I? How long have I been marri to my husband? What is my job? What is my favorite time of the year? My biggest dream. My biggest fear. My biggest concern is with pets. My favorite TV show. My favorite film… If I were a star, I would be like. What is my favorite food? I am allergic to. My favorite ice cream. What musical instrument do I play? Which emoji best describes me? Instagram review My hidden talent. The worst thing I have done in my life is. The best gift I have receiv is. My favorite song group is. My favorite interior design is. Interior Design How to change items in an Instagram poll As I wrote above, we can change the answer options. Everything is simple and clear they click on the answer option, it the text and post it. Yes, no ne to dance with a tambourine. True, this is not always available. For example, the Record label cannot be renam. How to make a survey effective The brain of a modern user has adapt not to absorb uninteresting information. We miss that which does not attract our attention and does not cause any emotions. In other words, for the survey to be effective, the author must try to make it interesting and bright. Public reaction is influenc by factors such as Regularity of publications Try not to disappear from the tape. Your account should be remember among many others. Choose a posting time and try to post new stories on time so that people don’t miss the post polls. Illustrations When voting as a couple, be sure to provide photos of these items. It will be easier for the user to present items and make choices. Simplicity Don’t ask difficult and difficult questions. Insta Stories are design for quick assimilation of information. Create polls by type yes no, like dislike, like dislike, and you will get much more response. Participation Post statistics from previous polls and share with your followers how polls affect you. This will help users understand the importance of feback, and they will be more willing to share it with you. I mean Before a big poll, post a story asking you to vote. Subscribers will feel that their voice is important to you, and they will not remain indifferent. Interesting ideas for stories on Instagram Everyone is now creating polls and asking questions for Instagram stories. Therefore, the main task is to stand out. Do not be afraid to touch on sharp, paradoxical or original topics. You can also slightly shock the audience within the limits of decency, of course. Questions in stickers Questions in Instagram stickers The interview format is always interesting to the public. People like to be ask for their opinion or advice. Unusual and interesting questions require the same answers. Subscribers will have to think about it, and the account will stick in memory, standing out in a series of fes. Creating sticker questions is a handy option for Instagram stories you don’t have to think about the form, it’s already provid. All attention can be paid to the content of the questions. Examples of using stickers with questions Invite followers to ask the account owner about a specific area of ​​expertise. There is an opportunity to prove that you are an expert on some issues. Ask your audience what promotions, sweepstakes, channel offers, or stories have taken place recently. This will once again fix the subscriber’s attention to the promot product or service. Ask a question on topics of interest to readers. The more often you contact your audience in Stories, the more visits and reach you will get. Poll Stickers Instagram Poll Stickers On Instagram, you can create an emoji slider poll or a simple two choice poll. What you can use the survey sticker for find out the opinion of the public about the content, service, product by attaching a link to the survey, increase site traffic create such questions that it would be impossible to answer without clicking on them follow the composition and requests of the public. It is very important to show that the survey is not conduct for the sake of the survey, but leads to changes in services, products and content. Be sure to share the results with subscribers and indicate what steps were taken to optimize. This greatly fuels the attention and enthusiasm of readers. Be sure to keep track of attendance statistics. Instagram Stories doesn’t include the option to unvote a poll, so the data will be unbias.

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